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January 1, 2014

Upgrading windows xp x64

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Microsoft does want me to upgrade my windows. I am running Windows XP x64. Microsoft offers a download: “If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows XP, you can use Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant…”

Click it, download it, run it and get this message:


December 9, 2012

Installing Canon camera software on Windows XP x64

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The problem with the Canon CD that comes with a new camera, is that it won’t install on Windows XP x64 (the 64 bits version of Windows XP). The solution is easy. There are a couple of xml files on the CD and some of them have a line like:

<PlatformInfo MaxOS=”99.99″ MaxOS_SP=”99″ MinOS=”6.0″ MinOS_SP=”0″ ProcessorArchitecture=”x64″/>

The MinOS=”6,0″ means that for 64 bits Windows, at least Vista is required. Changing that to MinOS=”5.1″ will also include Windows XP.

Of course you can not edit files on a CD, so you have to copy the CD to your hard disc. There you can do the editing. Please check *all* xml files. The run the setup from your HD.

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