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September 29, 2007

Your own robot on the moon?

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Doesn’t it sound like a very cool thing to be able to sit behind your computer and control the actions of your very own robot on the moon? I recently read about this idea, which originally is from the Dutch Nobel prize winner Gerard ‘t Hooft. I am not totally sure where he first launched this idea, but it might be in his book ‘Planetenbiljart’, published in 2006 (not sure if it has been translated, the title translates as ‘Billiards of the Planets’). The idea is based on the much older idea of colonizing space with the use of robots, it only democratizes it: each of us will have our own robot on the moon and we can use it to build a civilization there. Very much like Second Life, but for real this time.

In one of the articles I found while trying to Google the idea, I read that a US company has developed plans to have your robot on the moon, but I haven’t been able to figure out which company that is. Suggestions are welcome.


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