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February 8, 2009

Did the Romans have digital cameras 2000 years before our era?

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December 14, 2007

Group sex and prostitution on Flickr

Rode Brug
Rode brug

Dear internet user,

My photos on flickr must be a disappointing experience for you. They often are just not exactly what you were looking for. I apologize, but I have to say that I was not aware of the problem. Until yesterday. Flickr opened up the referrer statistics for views on photos. Now I can see what you were looking for when you opened one of my photo pages.

While you were looking to satisfy your sexual needs, I could not offer you the slightest release. You were looking for prostitution at the “rode brug”(red bridge) in Utrecht, I could only tell you that the prostitution is taking place one bridge further, at the Marnixbrug. My photo of this Red Bridge just shows you simply a red bridge. Oh yes, I have a photo of the boats of the prostitutes too, but – I apologize again – you have more trouble finding it, and what is worse, it just shows the backside of the boats. No flesh. Sorry.

And also you have been searching for “group sex”, and must be totally disappointed by my photo of four couples of damselflies, sitting on a branch. They are having sex. But I don’t think that damselfly sex will turn you on. However, maybe you find it interesting. Somewhere else I have written some explanation about Dragonfly Sex. Just read it, it is fascinating stuff.

Group sex
Damselfly group sex

One other thing I have vastly deceived you with, is the 10 million megapixel camera. Yes, you searched for a camera with millions of megapixels. That is about four or five orders of magnitude higher then the current digital cameras have. You see, one megapixel equals one million pixels. Current digital cameras have about 10 million pixels, which equals 10 megapixel. Some have a bit more But you do not have to be that ashamed of your ignorance. That photo that you were looking at, was of a poster hanging at the window of a professional photography shop. They made the same mistake.

What else should I write you.Well. Some of you have found what you searched for. You searched for “Evernia prunastri” or “Euphorbia cyparissias“. That gave me a good feeling.

Regards, Taka

Euphorbia cyparissias Evernia prunastri
Euphorbia cyparissias Evernia prunastri

June 18, 2007

Idea: a new HTML attribute on the IMG tag for zoomable images

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Often is stated that more megapixels on the web is not so useful. Computer screens are not big enough to display all those pixels. Of course screens get bigger in time. But the size of computer screens does not increase very fast. It will also have a reasononable limit. Most people would not want to sit at screen of several square meters.

10 million megapixel camera
10 million megapixel? This must have been a mistake.

But what about zoomable images? We have them all over already with maps that are made available by big companies like Google and Yahoo. What about a new attribute to the <img> tag, that will automatically add zoom functionality to the image displayed. Wouldn’t that be great?

Something like <img src=”myphoto.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ zoom=”yes”>. Then when the actual photo is 3000 x 2000 pixels this automatically displays a zoom bar on the photo which allows step-by-step zooming in to the actual pixels. The area in which the image is displayed does not grow bigger while zooming in. But it should be possible to move the zoomed-in photo around in that area with the mouse. Exactly like the different map-applications work.

Of course this effect can be created now too, but it requires lots of (javascript) coding and it requires that for each zoom level a new resized image is created and placed on the server. That’s not really easy.

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