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December 8, 2012

Google, doing it wrong again

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For some reason I wanted to install another browser on my system, next to Firefox and IE. I picked Google Chrome. That was a mistake. Because, even though my OS is in English, Google thought I’d prefer a Dutch version. No way to change that it seems. And I also wanted to install it in the directory of my choice, not in the directory where Google thought it should be. No way to change that.

It is not the first time that I see Google doing it wrong: see Google is losing it.


July 10, 2009

Google is losing it

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The search results from Google are getting worse to a level that is annoys me. The reason is that Google search has been made “smarter”. While searching for a couple of terms, Google now supposes that the search results should include also search terms that are supposed to be related.

Some examples.

As I am interested in dragonflies, and I am Dutch (the Dutch word for dragonfly is “libel”), I do quite frequently use the search term “libel”. I am aware that this word has a totally unrelated meaning in English, but that meaning is mostly suppressed by using multiple search terms in Dutch, or for example adding the name of an area in the Netherlands. Or by setting the language to Dutch. But, searching for “libel Nederland” gives as the first hit a Dutch woman’s magazine called “Libelle”. Yes. I see the similarity in the words. Words can be similar but can have a totally different meaning.

Another example. Recently I was trying to find some information about legislature on internet privacy. The words “internet” and “privacy” are used in Dutch to, but legislature is “wetgeving”. That last word exists only in Dutch, so you’d think that it would return only Dutch search results. Well, it doesn’t. Check it out: searching for “privacy internet wetgeving” makes Google think I might also be searching for something wet, like “wet dreams poetry” or “wet women” or “wet ink printing”. So stuff like this is inserted between the results.

Google thinks it is smart by supposing I am dumb. That is really annoying.

January 16, 2009

Small annoyances on the internet

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Here’s my list of small annoyances on the internet.

  • Visit counter on
    I have a yahoo 360 page.  Sometimes that shows a visitors count. Sometimes not. So sometimes I keep on clicking on my account pages just to see the visit count. There are actually two versions of the visit count: one that shows only the overall visit count and one that also shows the visits for the current week and the current month.
  • Reddit auto-downmods of submissions. sometimes is interesting, sometimes a bit boring. But interesting enough for me to occasionally take a look at it. I tried submitting a number of pages, but found out that they almost always were voted down instantly to zero points. Only recently, after two years and something like 20 submitted urls, I actually got a karma above 1.
  • Everywhere this Google login.
    Google is everywhere. I do use some Google services, search mainly. But also occasionally gmail, blogspot, analytics, picasa. Maybe some more. But wheneever I log in to one of them, I am logged in to all of them. I am even logged in to Google search. I do not want to be logged in to Google search. Mind your own business Google!
  • Impossible captchas.
    I understand the point of captchas. But it happens more and more often that I am not able to decipher it. Usually I need a few tries before ‘breaking’ the code. I read that I’m not alone in that.
  • The obviousness of my mediocracy.
    Of course I always knew that there was someone better than me for each of my qualities. But with the internet, it becomes so painfully clear.
  • Stolen content in blogs.
    People who embed a video from YouTube,  a photo from flickr or a text, created by somebody else and presenting it as their own in their blog. Usually with no reference to the source and with no or very little explanation. People doing this and getting away with it.

July 15, 2008

hotmail: Too many files in a zip

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As many others, I have a hotmail account for when I need to enter an email address somewhere. Useful.

Today I decided to use it to mail some files from work to myself. Using my own hotmail address as sender and receiver. There is some trouble with my regular email, so I thought I could use hotmail as well.

Using Mozilla’s Thunderbird to get my mail, it says that it can not get the mail. Well, maybe I overdid it a bit, because the zip file is almost 3MB. But I can can always use a browser. I thought. Logging in, opening the message (it is there) and then click on the attachment to download it.

Not happening. Hotmail tells me that there are too many files in the zip, so it can not be scanned for virusses. I am not really sure how many files are in the zip, something like 50, let’s say 100. Must be a stupid virus scanner. Imagine a virus scanner telling you that you have too many files on your hard disk.

too many files in a zip

hotmail: too many files in a zip

But I don’t care that it isn’t scanned. Remember that I send the file myself? I know what is there. I will download it anyway.

Then a small problem arises: I can’t. There is no way to download the file. It just keeps telling me that it can not be scanned for viruses. That’s it.

Now what?

December 14, 2007

Group sex and prostitution on Flickr

Rode Brug
Rode brug

Dear internet user,

My photos on flickr must be a disappointing experience for you. They often are just not exactly what you were looking for. I apologize, but I have to say that I was not aware of the problem. Until yesterday. Flickr opened up the referrer statistics for views on photos. Now I can see what you were looking for when you opened one of my photo pages.

While you were looking to satisfy your sexual needs, I could not offer you the slightest release. You were looking for prostitution at the “rode brug”(red bridge) in Utrecht, I could only tell you that the prostitution is taking place one bridge further, at the Marnixbrug. My photo of this Red Bridge just shows you simply a red bridge. Oh yes, I have a photo of the boats of the prostitutes too, but – I apologize again – you have more trouble finding it, and what is worse, it just shows the backside of the boats. No flesh. Sorry.

And also you have been searching for “group sex”, and must be totally disappointed by my photo of four couples of damselflies, sitting on a branch. They are having sex. But I don’t think that damselfly sex will turn you on. However, maybe you find it interesting. Somewhere else I have written some explanation about Dragonfly Sex. Just read it, it is fascinating stuff.

Group sex
Damselfly group sex

One other thing I have vastly deceived you with, is the 10 million megapixel camera. Yes, you searched for a camera with millions of megapixels. That is about four or five orders of magnitude higher then the current digital cameras have. You see, one megapixel equals one million pixels. Current digital cameras have about 10 million pixels, which equals 10 megapixel. Some have a bit more But you do not have to be that ashamed of your ignorance. That photo that you were looking at, was of a poster hanging at the window of a professional photography shop. They made the same mistake.

What else should I write you.Well. Some of you have found what you searched for. You searched for “Evernia prunastri” or “Euphorbia cyparissias“. That gave me a good feeling.

Regards, Taka

Euphorbia cyparissias Evernia prunastri
Euphorbia cyparissias Evernia prunastri

September 29, 2007

Your own robot on the moon?

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Doesn’t it sound like a very cool thing to be able to sit behind your computer and control the actions of your very own robot on the moon? I recently read about this idea, which originally is from the Dutch Nobel prize winner Gerard ‘t Hooft. I am not totally sure where he first launched this idea, but it might be in his book ‘Planetenbiljart’, published in 2006 (not sure if it has been translated, the title translates as ‘Billiards of the Planets’). The idea is based on the much older idea of colonizing space with the use of robots, it only democratizes it: each of us will have our own robot on the moon and we can use it to build a civilization there. Very much like Second Life, but for real this time.

In one of the articles I found while trying to Google the idea, I read that a US company has developed plans to have your robot on the moon, but I haven’t been able to figure out which company that is. Suggestions are welcome.

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