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October 1, 2008

Look at all the lonely people (or their blog)

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Looking around on all kinds of blogs, it is amazing how many people continue blogging while they are getting no responses at all. Yes. I admit, it is the same here with me. There is an occasional response on my ramblings. I can see in the stats page that somebody occasionally opens this thing in a browser.  But my guess is that most people do that by accident, and that they quickly depart elsewhere.

On the other hand there is a limited number of blogs which are visited very often, and I hear people even make a living from the revenues from ads on their blog. Interestingly enough, those blogs are not more interesting than the non-visited blogs. In fact, many such “popular” blogs have a 100% stolen content. An entree is just displaying a clip from youtube or some photos from flickr, which have been submitted there by some else. It even happens that blogs steal complete blog entrees from another, lesser known blog. Don’t be original, but get rich. That’s the idea. At least I understand it.

But why do people keep on blogging when they have almost no readers and even less responses? Is that a sign of loneliness. A sign of trust that in the future, one day, people will massively see the talent and originality of the blogger – and that is just a matter of time. Or is it stubbornness (thinking about this, it is actually almost the same as the previous reason). Is it a need to write, a need to go public with whatever it is that is blogged about, because there is no one else around who would listen. Your partner prefers the TV to listen to, your kids have their own friends and those who are supposed to be your friends have their own life – so they say.

Blogging is telling stories to no one.


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