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July 30, 2011

This cute little iphone app for kids

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It’s just over a year ago that this cute little iphone app for kids was published. And it is still running strong. For me the most special thing about it, is that I partially made it. I programmed two of the five games in it.

Bobo iphone app

The app called Bobo, after a rabbit which is an educational comic in the Netherlands for kids aged 4-6 years. It has its own website at

Somebody posted a video on youtube with his kid playing the Bobo app.

There is this website where the rankings of iphone apps are tracked. The rankings of the Bobo app are being tracked here. It is interesting to see how this app only thrives in the Netherlands and Belgium. One could say it is a language issue, but the thing is that this app uses no language. Okay, it uses the western alphabet and western numbers. That it makes it only more surprising that Bulgaria (with its Cyrillic alphabet) is the third country where the app is popular.

The games in the app are not directly related to the rabbit Bobo. But still it seems that familiarity in a country with this rabbit makes the app more popular. I can understand that a bit. But should it make such a big difference? It seems to me that the app is just as much fun for kids in the US or the UK or Germany. And especially it is a nice app to keep your kids in the back of the car quiet, while you are driving to a holiday destination. It’s holiday time again, and the app is back on the top of the charts.


March 17, 2007

Camping gardening

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2006. On holiday in Spain. On a camping. Man, is it dry out there. I live in the Netherlands, and that is full of water. Spain is hot and dry. Of course that was one of the reasons to go there, looking for a change. But I could not stand the dryness of the camping ground, I pitied the brown grass, it looked all dead. I decided to do something about it. And I hope that I will start a new trend among visitors of campings. Help your camping be more green. Help nature and learn about nature. Join the new project: Camping Gardening.

Here’s a report of my first (and so far only) camping gardening project.

Camping gardening, step 1
The first step was to select a piece of camping ground to garden on. I did this my grabbing a few stones and putting them on the borders of an area of about one square meter. With another stone I draw the borders in the ground.

Camping gardening, step 2Camping gardening, step 2
The second step in this case was to take a big bottle, fill it up with water in the toilet building on the camping and pour the water over the selected area. Repeat that until the water no longer is soaked up by the dry ground. The pouring has to be done carefully when the ground is very dry, otherwise the water the water will run out of the selected area. It took quite some patience in this case, but it was rewarding to notice that about 20 liters of water could be poured on the selected square meter.

In fact that was all what was needed in this case. I did not want to plant roses or any other beautiful flowers, because, as you can see in the first photo, the selected area located on a spot where others could later (after I left the camping) place their tent. In the case of roses, it would not be good for the tent, in other cases it would not be good for the flowers.

So I repeated the procedure of pouring water over me camping garden every day, until I left the camping. I’ll show some results below. But first this. My girlfriend – we were together on holiday – got also interested in my project, and while I was away, probably doing one of the other important things a person does while on holiday, she carefully relocated a flowering plant to my piece of ground. It is visible as a pink spot on the next photo in the lower left corner of the square. Of course at my return to the camping, I recognized it immediately as an unnatural feature and remembered that the same flower had been growing a few meters away. But our relationship is such that I just needed to smile to her after pointing with my eyes to the flower, and we completely understood each other.

Camping gardening, the secretly planted flower

And now for the result. I’ll limit this part to posting some photos. They are resp. from 9, 11 and 13 August. I’ll leave it to you, dear readers, to see how much my project had visible results in such a few days.

Camping gardening, August 9 August 9.

Camping gardening, August 11 August 11.

Camping gardening, August 13 August 13.

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