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July 30, 2011

This cute little iphone app for kids

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It’s just over a year ago that this cute little iphone app for kids was published. And it is still running strong. For me the most special thing about it, is that I partially made it. I programmed two of the five games in it.

Bobo iphone app

The app called Bobo, after a rabbit which is an educational comic in the Netherlands for kids aged 4-6 years. It has its own website at

Somebody posted a video on youtube with his kid playing the Bobo app.

There is this website where the rankings of iphone apps are tracked. The rankings of the Bobo app are being tracked here. It is interesting to see how this app only thrives in the Netherlands and Belgium. One could say it is a language issue, but the thing is that this app uses no language. Okay, it uses the western alphabet and western numbers. That it makes it only more surprising that Bulgaria (with its Cyrillic alphabet) is the third country where the app is popular.

The games in the app are not directly related to the rabbit Bobo. But still it seems that familiarity in a country with this rabbit makes the app more popular. I can understand that a bit. But should it make such a big difference? It seems to me that the app is just as much fun for kids in the US or the UK or Germany. And especially it is a nice app to keep your kids in the back of the car quiet, while you are driving to a holiday destination. It’s holiday time again, and the app is back on the top of the charts.


November 25, 2009

Why would a compiler not allow comparing different datatypes?

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While writing some code in ASP.Net, I got a run time error where two variables of unequal type were compared.

If varA = varB Then
    ' somecode
End If

By accident varA was a String and varB a Number. One would say, that those variables are unequal and life goes on. But no. The program refused to run. Alarm, Error, Wrong, Impossible.

I am totally puzzled. There is only one reason why this could be: a String and a Number (it was a Long, but that’s too much detail maybe), can not be equal, so comparing them is useless. But then again, comparing Strings of unequal length is fine, even though they can not be equal either, or Strings which start with a different letter.

The point of my code is to evaluate if two things are equal or not. I want an answer. So seriously, my question to all programming gurus around the internet, explain why a language can not answer a simple question, but wants to tell me – as the programmer – that I should not ask.

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