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October 27, 2013


Not sure how other men deal with it, so maybe you could let me know if you read this. My situation is this: I have a family, we are living in the house were I once lived alone. And now we are moving to another house. That means that all stuff stored comes along, and I found something which I do not know how to classify: a small collection of female underwear, apparently left by women who slept at my place. They are from before my current wife and me started. The underwear was stored somewhere and I just found it.

Of course I could have just thrown it away, they are probably sort of trophies from another time in my life. They do not fit in my current life. But then again it used to be my life and I care about my past.

Here is what I did: I took photos of them, and then threw them away.

left female underwear


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