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November 17, 2012

Long exposure bird photography, II

In the past I have written about “Long exposure bird photograpy” with some self-made examples which were meant to be sort of funny. But I never came to show some self-made examples which I really like. So here they are. Shutter times are resp. 1/10 and 1/15 second.


November 13, 2012

QuickTime Player has stopped working

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So. I installed Apple’s QuickTime player. Then I opened it. Then I closed it again. That what is done with application. But not with QuickTime player, you should not do that.That is wrong, a mistake, a reason for small panic.

It needs a solution. Help. Apple help me!!!!

November 11, 2012

Bags for sanitary napkins

There must have been a day when I started collecting bags for sanitary napkins. Because one day I realized that I had this collection. In those days I traveled frequently for longer distances. That meant visits to public toilets. That is where I must have seen them first. Not sure however how that happened. I am male and those bags are found at toilets for females. Think what you like. Fact is, I have a collection of such bags. The collection isn’t very big, less then 10 different bags, there are not so much different bags around, at least not in Europe.

At first it was my secret collection. Later I sort of forgot about it. After refinding my collection years later, I thought it was an interesting subject to talk about with some people. Just quite weird, a little bit pervert, but harmless. In response I received a few more bags from people I told.

Then I forgot about it again. Until recently, when I somehow thought about my evenly forgotten stamp collection.

  • Trying to find more information on the internet, I found the term “sanitary napkin disposal bag”. It looks like that is the expression most used.
  • The English Wikipedia has no article for “sanitary napkin disposal bag”, but it could at least have one other article linking to it: Computech is about a single that was posted in a such a bag. The Dutch wikipedia has an article Maandverbandwegwerpzakje.

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