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January 16, 2009

Small annoyances on the internet

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Here’s my list of small annoyances on the internet.

  • Visit counter on
    I have a yahoo 360 page.  Sometimes that shows a visitors count. Sometimes not. So sometimes I keep on clicking on my account pages just to see the visit count. There are actually two versions of the visit count: one that shows only the overall visit count and one that also shows the visits for the current week and the current month.
  • Reddit auto-downmods of submissions. sometimes is interesting, sometimes a bit boring. But interesting enough for me to occasionally take a look at it. I tried submitting a number of pages, but found out that they almost always were voted down instantly to zero points. Only recently, after two years and something like 20 submitted urls, I actually got a karma above 1.
  • Everywhere this Google login.
    Google is everywhere. I do use some Google services, search mainly. But also occasionally gmail, blogspot, analytics, picasa. Maybe some more. But wheneever I log in to one of them, I am logged in to all of them. I am even logged in to Google search. I do not want to be logged in to Google search. Mind your own business Google!
  • Impossible captchas.
    I understand the point of captchas. But it happens more and more often that I am not able to decipher it. Usually I need a few tries before ‘breaking’ the code. I read that I’m not alone in that.
  • The obviousness of my mediocracy.
    Of course I always knew that there was someone better than me for each of my qualities. But with the internet, it becomes so painfully clear.
  • Stolen content in blogs.
    People who embed a video from YouTube,  a photo from flickr or a text, created by somebody else and presenting it as their own in their blog. Usually with no reference to the source and with no or very little explanation. People doing this and getting away with it.

January 11, 2009

Photos I sold in 2008

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There are many sites where one can upload photos in order to sell them. I have accounts on several of such sites, and on each I have a couple of photos. I am not very active in promoting my sales – I have a regular job, and it’s just to see if and how selling photos works.

In 2008 I did sell a couple of photos this way. Here they are. The photos are displayed here as they are on the site where they are offered, so I apologize for the differences in size.

This photo is from the Dutch ‘Natuurwerkdag’, a national day where people can volunteer to do some work in nature. It was sold twice from the Nationale Beeldbank, which is a Dutch stock photo site which gives photographers quite a reasonable price. I received about €30,- for each sale.

Rana temporaria
Rana temporaria
A photo of a frog, sold through Imagekind. Imagekind does not pay much. After two sales (the first was in 2007) they owe me about $4,-. Imagekind will not pay me anything until they owe me $50,-. With my current rate of selling there, that will be in 25 years.

In the forest
In the forest
My most successful photo in many ways, it won some awards, has been published in a couple of magazines and this year it sold twice as a framed print through Redbubble, for a total income for me of about €20,-.

That’s all. It is a bit more than 2007.  Maybe this year will bring even more sales. But the total income is not something to get excited about.

January 2, 2009

Flickr: my top 10 most interesting photos of 2008

For what it is worth, because flickr’s interestingness rating usually does not agree with my personal choice. Nevertheless, except for one I do understand that these photos did get a certain interestingness rating.

#10.Viola arvensis
Viola arvensis
This photo is taken with multiple extension tubes in a cleared part of a forest. The background is a cloudy sky, nothing artificial. Indeed the flower itself is sort of tiny – there are very big pansies growing in gardens, but wild ones aren’t that big where I live.

#9. untitled

Well, people on flickr love this kind of photos. It’s fun and quite easy to make, but I do not regard it as anything special.

#8. Sturnus vulgaris
Sturnus vulgaris
Portrait of the European Starling. Taken in my garden. In the days I made this, I was happy with it, because it was showing that my plans for backyard bird photography were working. Although there is not much wrong with it, this photo would not be on my personal list of 2008.

#7. Aegithalos caudatus
Aegithalos caudatus
Long-tailed Tit. Taken from inside my car. While spending a weekend somewhere nice, I noticed that some birds were really interested in their reflection in the car mirrors. I wanted to make a photo of that. To do that, I sort of hid myself under a blanket on the back seat of the car and made this photo. It belongs to my personal 2008 favorites, so much bokeh and I like it that the bird is undisturbed by my presence.

#7. Coot vs Great Crested Grebes
Coot vs Great Crested Grebes
The fight for a nesting place between two species of birds. I witnessed this fight and took a number of photos of it. The nice thing is the expression of the Grebe in the middle of the photo.

#6. IMG_4441
Not sure why flickr thinks that this photo is so interesting. It has been viewed twice and one of the viewers made it a favorite. Personally I never bothered to change the title of the image. Just an average damselfly photo.

#5. Sympetrum danae
Sympetrum danae

Black Darter (Sympetrum danae). This photo made me happy. The first time I could photography this species from close by. I even had the time to use my extension tubes.

#4. Mushroom


The autumn, when most dragonflies have died, always brings me to photograph mushrooms. This photo has an emphasis on “atmosphere”, and that probably is a result of the course in Landscape Photography which I followed earlier in 2008.

#3. Aeshna viridis
Aeshna viridis

The Green Hawker, a rare species of dragonfly in the Netherlands. I was excited to find it close to where I live. Not a groundbreaking photo, but it made me happy to have it.

#2. Aeshna isoceles

Aeshna isoceles
This year I took the time to make flight photos of dragonflies. I agree with the masses that this one is the best of my efforts this year.

#1. Hello!
This is all about cuteness, one of the things which do so very well on flickr.

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