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September 12, 2008

The apple in time

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Sometimes I rediscover a silly photographic project which I did in the past and have forgotten about. That recently happened with my “apple and fence” series. It was in the times that I only owned a simple digital camera, the Canon Powershot A400. I had bought that, because it was the cheapest camera available in the shop. Still, it gave me lots of fun, maybe even more fun then the gear I own now. Because now I seem to have some pretensions. Back then, I was just having fun.

One day, I found a clock house of an apple next to the office which I visit on a daily basis for work. I decided to follow its decay over time. It was not so easy to find the same spot every time, but it somehow worked. After a month it was gone, the city cleaners had done their job and ruined my photographic experiment.

Recently somebody asked if I had any series of photos, and then I remembered the rotten apple. Then I thought it would be nice to have it as a poster. And so now it is there. You can order it as a poster.

Do you think I should make it available as a T-shirt too?


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