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July 15, 2008

hotmail: Too many files in a zip

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As many others, I have a hotmail account for when I need to enter an email address somewhere. Useful.

Today I decided to use it to mail some files from work to myself. Using my own hotmail address as sender and receiver. There is some trouble with my regular email, so I thought I could use hotmail as well.

Using Mozilla’s Thunderbird to get my mail, it says that it can not get the mail. Well, maybe I overdid it a bit, because the zip file is almost 3MB. But I can can always use a browser. I thought. Logging in, opening the message (it is there) and then click on the attachment to download it.

Not happening. Hotmail tells me that there are too many files in the zip, so it can not be scanned for virusses. I am not really sure how many files are in the zip, something like 50, let’s say 100. Must be a stupid virus scanner. Imagine a virus scanner telling you that you have too many files on your hard disk.

too many files in a zip

hotmail: too many files in a zip

But I don’t care that it isn’t scanned. Remember that I send the file myself? I know what is there. I will download it anyway.

Then a small problem arises: I can’t. There is no way to download the file. It just keeps telling me that it can not be scanned for viruses. That’s it.

Now what?


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