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October 18, 2007

My efforts to get some money (from selling my photos)

It is 2007. There is the internet. Everyone seems able to get rich. Except me.

I have been wondering how to get some money from selling my photos. My photos aren’t that bad, although they probably aren’t that good either – still improving I hope. But on the other hand, who would not want to buy a print of this incredible photo.

In the forest (Mycena arcangeliana)
Mycena arcangeliana buy a print

The problem is twofold: how to make photos that people will buy and how to advertise those photos (how to find the people that will buy). I have been focusing on making photos that I like. I am not sure that I want to focus on making photos that others like or on marketing my stuff. Making “friends” all over internet to in the hopes that they will become my “friend” but in the meantime just hoping that they will buy my stuff somehow is not what I like to do. Yet I have made some marketing steps, and to be honest I have actually sold one single print so far, which gave me the mere sum of $1,29. If you are interested, check out my Nature photography on Imagekind. I have tried to increase traffic to that page, in different ways, but not with great success and also with increasing inner resistance. There are so many blogs, so many people on flickr, so many photosites. Some people seem to be able to make their weblogs into a success. Not me.

Maybe I should try to join an agency that will take care of selling my photos. But then again I am not sure if my photos are good enough. Gotta try that some day though. And then there is stock photography, but do I really think that my photos are worth $0,20 each?

So tell me please what I should do.

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  1. Hi How are u? I liked your write up here about, how to make photos that people will buy etcetc. I just heard about this red Bubble today and thought I check it out. So I found you in between all those photos (compliment 🙂 ) and just liked the way you where wondering about stuff really?? I’m a very passionate photographer myself (amateur but wants to get out there too! like you, I guess….I can’t really give you any advise as yet, I pesronally like to go from my gut feeling, what you really want to do. I REALLY want to make a beautifull professional photobook of all my photo’s.Offcourse I think but will it sell…? truth, but I still want to DO it. I havent uploaded any photos yet on this side yet. All my shots are in Raw and on my external harddrive (more then 4000) so I will make them in JPEG put them on my notebook and start sorting them out..and go from there, a real journey …Oh well that’s life..So i like to say just ” Go girl” !! I love this mushroom shot (is that in Holland?) I’m from Holland. live now in Western Australia…oh well write me back if you like.
    My name is inge,…see ye

    Comment by inge — April 30, 2008 @ 12:08 | Reply

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