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October 17, 2007

Bird photography

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As a boy I always wanted to be a bird photographer. I borrowed an old camera from my father and walked around or found a hiding place with a view on birds possibly passing by. Still I have a couple of these photos in a box, and when I joined flickr I scanned in one of those old photos and posted it.
Bad Wildlife PhotographyIt became an instant hit on flickr and still today it is my most viewed photo there. It helped probably that I explained my childhood passion, and yes, I made the circle to indicate where the bird is at that time. I do not remember exactly when the photo was taken, but it must have been in the early seventies.

About two years ago I started with a digital compact camera, then after a years a DSLR – because I loved it so much. I bought a macro lens, mainly for dragonfly photography, but never forgot about the birds.

Last winter I spend lots of hours on my toilet, peeping through the small toilet window into my garden. Because that – I had decided – was the best place to make photos of birds. I had placed some food in my garden to attract birds and kept track of the species I saw. As I live in a city and my garden is tiny, there are not really exciting species to be expected. The macro lens has 100mm focal length, which is nice for dragonflies. But birds are different, they won’t let me get so close. All shots I took had to be cropped. Still it would turn out to be a large improvement over my earlier work, although it was never more remarkable then the shot of the encircled bird.

Parus caeruleus Greenfinch
Blue tit and Greenfinch, last winter, in my garden

So now I bought a new lens. A 70-200mm zoom. Also in the hopes that I can get the birds in my garden a bit closer this winter. I know, 200mm is not the best focal length for bird photography, I’ll need more, 400mm at least I think. Someday, when I’ll be rich….

What was it that I wanted to tell? Something about this lens. Yes, that it is so different from the 100mm macro. And about the birds that really don’t like to be photographed. As I did with dragonfly photography I took my bike and went out of the city. I did not make it hard for myself, just shooting a common duck would be fine. But these birds always see me before I see them, and after I have parked my bike and readied my camera there are no more birds in range. Dragonflies are so much easier.

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