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June 23, 2007

The mysteries of all my new comments are made invisible

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I have an account on reddit by the username TakaIta. Very seldom I submit a link, a bit more frequently I make a comment.

Recently I noticed that my comments are being downmodded at the moment I submit them. Normally your own comments get 1 point automatically, because it is supposed that you upvote them. But in my case, they got zero points even though they are marked as upvoted by me. First I was just a bit puzzled, but didn’t care so much. But then I tried to figure out what was happening exactly.

Here is what I tried and what I found out.

First I figured that it might have to do with ad-blocking. Reddit wants me to see their ads, and I use Firefox + adblock to get clear of them. Maybe they found a way to check if I am adblocking, and if so, everything gets downmodded automatically. So I openend Internet Explorer – no adblock – logged in into my account and submitted a comment. It got downmodded automatically. I suppose that it has to do with my account.

Next I created a new account, still in Internet Explorer. First I submitted a comment. It worked fine: it got 1 point. Then I surfed to the threads on which I had commented with my original account. Interestingly, my comments were totally invisible. Check out for yourself: go to my account mentioned at the top, and click on the “permalink” of any of my recent comments. While you can read my comments on my userpage, if you click the permalink, there is nothing to see.

What is happening? And why is it happening? Have I been too rude in my comments? Maybe. But I got no official notice of that. And I am not that rude.

So far it remains a reddit mystery.

Update June 25
Something has changed. My reddit account works again as supposed. But the strangeness is now on the additional account I created to find out more about what was going on. So now you can go to this other account (Hindeloopen) and click the permalink on the last (and only) comment made with this account. Then the text of the comment is not there.


June 18, 2007

Idea: a new HTML attribute on the IMG tag for zoomable images

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Often is stated that more megapixels on the web is not so useful. Computer screens are not big enough to display all those pixels. Of course screens get bigger in time. But the size of computer screens does not increase very fast. It will also have a reasononable limit. Most people would not want to sit at screen of several square meters.

10 million megapixel camera
10 million megapixel? This must have been a mistake.

But what about zoomable images? We have them all over already with maps that are made available by big companies like Google and Yahoo. What about a new attribute to the <img> tag, that will automatically add zoom functionality to the image displayed. Wouldn’t that be great?

Something like <img src=”myphoto.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ zoom=”yes”>. Then when the actual photo is 3000 x 2000 pixels this automatically displays a zoom bar on the photo which allows step-by-step zooming in to the actual pixels. The area in which the image is displayed does not grow bigger while zooming in. But it should be possible to move the zoomed-in photo around in that area with the mouse. Exactly like the different map-applications work.

Of course this effect can be created now too, but it requires lots of (javascript) coding and it requires that for each zoom level a new resized image is created and placed on the server. That’s not really easy.

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