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May 25, 2007

Hayfever paradise

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Hayfever paradise

Nothing more to say


May 10, 2007

I took my camera and shot back

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Finally I had the nerve to do it after thinking about it for months. My response to the violation of my privacy. The interweb is getting everywhere, it’s logging all that I do, based on anti-terrorism laws. Yes, I am a suspect, I need to be controlled because I might be dangerous just like anyone. Who knows what I search for on the interweb, what I post, about what I discuss, which nick names I use, what my real name is, what my number is, where I live, who I love, what I do for a living and how I spend my money, where I post my photos (with EXIF-data and preferably geo-tagged), what I think and of course what my garden looks like. Yes, that is right. I looked up my house on Google Earth and I clearly saw the two garden chairs which I own, standing in my garden. I must have been lucky that I wasn’t there when the Google satellite passed by. But who knows when i comes along next time. I can no longer sit quietly in my garden, because every moment that satellite might fly over and photograph ME. They’ll know what I am drinking, what I read and in a while the satellite might even monitor what I think.

I am just sitting in my garden.

What can I do? How can I hide? Can I hide at all? I just want to be by myself and with the people I chose to be with. Not with some spying satellite around that will post me and my garden on the interweb.

So slowly my plan took form. It took me weeks to think about my little revenge. Then I started planning, the weather must be just fine, the colors of the sky just right. And I had to overcome my fear. What if….What if that satellite just was there. Or what if it just wasn’t there. I needed luck. The satellite should have to be there, but it should photograph something else, not my garden.

Then one day I dared. I took my camera and shot back.

I took my camera and shot back

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